Novak WYDC

My first attempt of doing a Sims 2 WYDC.  I have a completed Sims 3 version over here.

Current Score:

Different Fathers: 9
Extra Twins (1.5 x 4): 6
Pregnancies before marriage (B-M (0.5 x 2)): 1
Each skill from a vacation father: 3
Every child that learns toddler skills, study and one scholarship:  11
Each child that gets into private school: 11
Each additional NPC used as a father after the 1st: 7
Extra Alien Abductions (5 x 1): 5
Teen Abductions (10 x 3): 30

One-Time Scoring
Founder reaches the top of any career:  10 (military)
Husband reaches top of first career:  5 (culinary)
Founder completes first LTW: 5
Adopt a child:  3 points (Nancy)
Founder does not go to university and starts on an empty lot: 5
Story is published: 20

Negative Scoring:
Every child threatened by social worker, but saved by a successful plead: 1

Total Score:  131

Boys: 9
Girls: 5

Chapter A
Art – Unnamed Pirate Ghost.
Chapter B
Bai and Bao (required twins) – Ramon Takenen – Bad Witch
Chapter C
Cal and Cat – (extra twins) – Honey Comb (Father who is a female)
Chapter D
Dan and Dax – (extra twins) – Cooper Seifert – Hobby Master (Film)
Chapter E
Eli – PT Ticoc (father’s alien baby)
Chapter F
Fen – Patrick Novak (father who is the husband)
Chapter G
Gyp – Nolan Chandler (father who is blonde)
Chapter H
Her and Him (extra twins) – Hobby Master (Tinkering)
Chapter I
Ian and Imp (extra twins) – Hobby Master (Games)
Chapter J
J – Hobby Master (Science)
Chapter K
Chapter L
Chapter M
Chapter N
Chapter O
Chapter P
Chapter Q
Chapter R
Chapter S
Chapter T
Chapter U
Chapter V
Chapter W
Chapter X
Chapter Y
Chapter Z


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